Build a Booty – Training Guide

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When putting in the work to build a set of glorious glutes, it’s important to include a variety of exercises to hit not only the large muscles of the glutes, but also the smaller muscles that often get left behind.

The glutes have 2 main functions:

  • Hip Extension
  • Leg Rotation

Knowing a bit about how the hips and glute muscles function will allow us to train them in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Hip Extension

This is when you push the hips back and bend forward at the waist. This will stretch the hamstrings and the glutes, and when you “push your hips forward” to come back up to a standing position. This is done when you pick up toys off the ground, put a turkey in the oven, or close the car door with your butt when your hands are full of groceries.

Leg Rotation

Stick your leg out in front of you. With your leg straight and your toes pulled back to your knees, point your toe to the right. That’s leg external rotation.

Build Your Booty Today

Here’s a list of great exercises you can add to your routine today to start building your booty up.

Make sure that you actively flex the butt on every rep by thinking about squeezing a dollar bill in between your buttcheeks. Not that you would know what that feels like…

Add these to your current routine, or do them as a standalone workout by doing each exercise for 45 seconds then resting for 15 seconds before moving onto the next one.

The Workout

Squat – the king of booty exercises, this will be an important addition to your routine to make sure you’re building the butt you want.

Remember that glutes are used for external rotation of the legs, so you can get more butt activation by turning your toes out to about 45-degrees and making sure your feet are a little wider.

Add weight, or do these with just your bodyweight.

Lunge – There are many ways of doing these, but one of the best versions for the most butt is a reverse lunge. Start by stepping back with one leg while slightly leaning forward. Use weights or just do bodyweight.

Drop your knee toward the ground without hitting it on the floor. Go back up. Repeat.

Hip Hinge – with your knees soft, push your butt back while keeping your spine and low back straight. Engage the glutes and hamstrings and return to an upright position.

Protip: think about “screwing” your feet into the ground on these.

Wall Sit – sit your butt and back on a wall. To more target the glutes step your feet forward another 6 inches. Hold.

Donkey Kicks – Start on your hands and knees and lift your left leg up to 90 degrees. With a small movement at the hip, press your heel to the ceiling. This is an exercise that does NOT work unless you’re actually feeling the butt burning while you’re doing it.

Fire Hydrants – in the same position as the donkey kicks, lift your left knee off the ground and bring the knee as far out to the side as possible. When you reach the end of the range of motion, bring the knee back around until you end up in the starting position for donkey kicks.

Return to the start and begin again.

Glute Bridge –  Lay on your back with your knees bent at 90-degrees and your heels dug into the ground. Lift the hips and squeeze the butt. To make this more intense, add a band around the knees that you need to push out against.

Figure-4 Glute Bridge –  Same form as before, but cross the one leg over the other in a “figure 4”. From here, use the opposite leg to lift and squeeze both hips.

Single Leg Glute Bridge – Do the same as before, except with one leg lifted in the air and held straight. Smaller range of motion on this one and avoid over-arching the back.

Bird Dog –  A lot of dog references in exercise huh? Start this one by being on your hands and knees with toes dug in. Lift and extend the left hand and the right leg at the same time, keeping your back so flat that you could hold a full glass of wine on it.

Keep the core engaged, return to the starting position and switch sides.

Thoracic Bridge – Sit on your butt with your hands behind your hips and heels dug in. Then press your hips up to the ceiling and tilt your head back to the ceiling as well. Keep the hands at a 45-degree angle.

Do This Workout

Whenever you’re looking for something challenging to do at home to train or if you just don’t have time to get to the gym. You can also do this workout at the gym and get a great training session in using more weights.

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