Whole 30 Workout

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The Whole 30 diet plan is a great way to lose a few pounds and reset your dietary habits. By limiting the types of food you consume, you can not only make a big change in how you look and feel physically, you can also start to see which food groups are triggers for you, or disagree with your body completely.

But to get the most out of your Whole 30 experience, it’s important to add an element of exercise in, even if it’s not a lot.

That’s why we put together the Whole 30 morning workout plan, which should take you between 15-20 minutes every morning.

This is a great way to start the day by burning a few calories, and helping to kickstart your metabolism.

Most of the exercises are bodyweight and can be done at home, but if you have any dumbbells or other weights, you can use those for even more benefit.

The Whole 30 Workout

  • Air Squats – a great exercise to work the legs and butt, while melping your knees, hips and low back feel great to start the day. If you’re not sure on form here, start by sitting into a chair and standing right back up.
  • Reverse Lunges – a more glute focused lunge variation that will be feeling great after doing all those air squats. We’re going to be doing 30 total, so just 15 on each side, but if you’re feeling up too it, you can do the full 30 on each leg.
    • Make sure you’re stepping back, lowering the knee, then stepping back up, on each rep.
  • Pushups – One of the best upper body pushing exercises, this is a core training movement as well as chest and shoulders. No “girly” pushups here, we’re doing these from the toes.
    • If you can’t get reps on the ground from your toes, use a chair or a bench for your hands.
  • Jump Squats – Back to the legs with the jump squats. Make sure your feet are leaving the ground, and that you’re landing softly, and trying not to make any noise when you land. Land on your toes and try to cushion yourself back into a squat position before launching back up.
    • Don’t forget to breathe!
  • Side Lunges – Start with just 30 total, but if you’re a stud you can do 30 on each leg. These open up the inner thigh, and really work the glutes! Push the hip of the working leg back. Hold arms in front for easier balance.
  • Chair Dips – Set up two chairs on either side of you with feet on the ground. Lower yourself down, until your upper arms and lower arms touch at a 90-degree angle. Push back up. If you only have one chair or bench, set it behind you and don’t go as low in the bottom position.
  • Burpees – the King of exercises, this is a great finisher and will really get the blood moving. Drop down and put your hands on the ground, jump your feet back, do a pushup, get to your feet and then jump up like you’re trying to touch the ceiling!
    • This one should be tough! Make sure to get all the reps though!

There you have it, a quick Whole 30 workout that will really get your energy up and have you feeling great when paired with a Whole 30 workout plan. Make sure to eat healthy proteins and fruits or vegetables after the workout to prioritize recovery.

Don’t forget to stretch, and drink a lot of water!

Can you handle the Whole 30 – 30 day workout challenge?

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