The 5 Best Lower Ab Exercises That You Can Do Anywhere

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The lower abs are the most elusive and hardest part of the core to work effectively.

That’s because most of the time our stronger upper abs take over, or our hip flexors. When first starting out working this muscle group it’s important to work it slowly and under control.

Here are the 5 best Lower Ab Exercises that you can do anywhere.

Dragon Flag Top Halfs – Lay on your back with your hands above your head holding something sturdy. Put a towel or a pad underneath your neck and upper back for comfort.

From here, lift your legs and hips up into the air, so your feet are close to the ceiling, and your body is as straight as you can make it.

Now lower your entire body down as one unit without bending at the hips or losing tension in your abs. When you get to a point that is starting to feel difficult, reverse the move and lift yourself back up – still as straight as possible. Repeat.

Reverse Crunch – Lay on your back with your hands grabbing something sturdy behind your head.

Make sure that you’re starting with your legs at 90 degrees to your body and shins 90 degrees to your legs.

Now lift the legs up, holding the same 90/90 position and try to bring your knees to your elbows. Lower slowly, barely touching your hips and butt to the ground before lifting again.

Leg Lift with Hip Press – Laying on your back with your hands above your head and holding something sturdy, keep your low back pressed firmly into the ground through the leg lift action.

When the legs are lifted to roughly 90 degrees, drive your heels straight into the ceiling. Hold 1 seconds and then reverse the move.

Ab Tear Aparts – You need a partner for this one, preferably someone mean.

Start laying on your back with your hands interlaced behind your head and your elbows and knees touching.

Keeping the elbows and knees touching at all times, have your partner pull down on your feet/shins in order to pull you up to what looks like a finished sit up position. Reverse the move, having your partner lower you slowly.

Maintain contact with your knees and elbows at all times.

Hollow Body Plank – Get into a plank position with your forearms and toes on the ground. Now think about doing a hard crunch, so that your butt is a little closer to the ceiling and you feel a lot of tension in your abs.

From here, squeeze your butt tight, and hold this position without moving at the hips.

After all the other exercises, this Hollow Body Plank will light up the muscle fibers in your lower abs.

The 5 Best Lower Ab Exercises

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